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My name is Kaye (so nice to meet you!) Entrepreneurs around the world hire me and my team to define & build their brands. We set the stage for their greatest life’s work.

My formal degree is in Marketing with a Psychology minor.  Though, my true education comes from working with a variety of entrepreneurs like YOU.  I’ve worked with public speakers from TEDx, writers with hot-selling books, and within a variety of industries – from real estate to coaching.  I’ve worked with more than 100 brands and I’d love for you to be my next success story.

I help you evolve from a place of ambiguity and distraction to a place of confident action. Your brand is so much more than design. We start by uncovering the psychology of your brand. We’ll use your beliefs, personality, and timeless archetypes to define your core message. Only then, we design.

Read on to see how we can work together…

After working together, you’ll feel clear and certain about your brand. You’ll attract more ideal clients who will connect with you on an emotional, gut level.

Kaye Putnam Brand Strategist
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Cheers to Audacious Dreams

Your most audacious dreams are worth working for.  I’m granting you permission to claim your space, be more visible, and share your genius with the world. We need you to. It’s never easy, but it is SO worth it. You are worth it.

Stay Weird

I have this crazy idea that if brands act more human – be weird, share beliefs, tell personal stories – we’ll be more successful. When businesses show more of their personality and values, we love them for it. As consumers, we are drawn to real people we believe in, not brands that are “professional” at the expense of being generic.

Psychology First

Most people approach branding backwards. Instead of design-first branding, I offer psychology-driven branding. We start by understanding what makes your brand unique and desirable. Then, we design a brand that aligns with your most powerful message.

You Decide

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that we get to decide. We can choose to go to the gym during the day and work all night, or work nonstop for three months to take a month off to travel. We get to pick who we want to work with and what our time is worth. We get to choose our future.

Let’s Transform Your Brand

Nonprofit Consultant Brand Identity

Brand Transformation


High-level concierge service designed for entrepreneurs who are currently making $25K+/month in their businesses. The work we do together brings everything to the next level. Full brand development includes strategy, brand identity design.

  • Eight-week collaboration
  • Completely done-for-you
  • End-to-end custom brand strategy & design

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Growth was happening and I needed the growth to happen toward a specific path that coincided with the brand of JKConditioning. After working together, I have a better focus and an understanding of why my brand exists and what it stands for. I was jumbled in my head but now there is more clarity. You are amazing at what you do. To be able to pull what JKConditioning stands for from my brain and lay it all out in a document is actually astonishing. Jon-Erik Kawamoto


Life Coach Brand Identity Design

The Clarity Code

Co-creation & Consulting

Best for entrepreneurs who are at $10K+/month in revenue want to define and scale their brands. I help you get your best ideas out of your head and into your team’s hands.

  • Eight-week collaboration
  • Expert guidance towards brand clarity

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My “before” was a site that didn’t truly reflect who I was and how I wanted to work. It didn’t appeal to the types of clients I wanted to work with. I focused too much on trying to appeal to the masses and make everyone happy that I was losing myself in the process. Working with Kaye, my new brand and website are focused on expressing who I am and how I work. It truly represents ME. Kaye has helped me to break free of that “corporate” look that was generic. This experience has been freeing because I finally feel like my brand is a true reflection of myself and I don’t feel the need to apologize for it! I’m so happy with the results! Toni Taylor

Toni’s Web Design

Speaker Brand Identity Design Business Cards

Brandfluency Archetype Courses

Amplify Your Brand with your Archetype

For entrepreneurs in all stages of brand-building who want to enhance their brand. Learn the emotional language of your ideal clients through your brand archetype.

  • Pick from 12 separate courses based on YOUR brand personality
  • Learn how to use your brand archetype in your business
  • Self-paced, DIY, 1.5 hours of video content with an implementation workbook

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A Few Surprising Facts About Me…

I currently live in Naples, Italy. (Buongiorno!) Our family has moved 5 times in the last 6 years. (Hi! Hey y’all! Aloha!) #militarylife
I’m “mama” to two amazing little ones. We’re in the trenches of toddler-ville here at the Putnam casa.
I started my first business at 16 – a photography studio. I got burnt out and closed the business during my last year of college to sloooww dowwwn.
The hubs and I are total TV buffs in our downtime. Favorite shows include Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Black List, and Vikings.

“Official” Bio

3rd Person Style

Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with 100+ clients from Fortune 50’s to entrepreneurs, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She believes in pursuing big audacious dreams and that entrepreneurship is the key to freedom.

She works with students in her Brand New Brand incubation program and with clients 1-on-1. When she’s not transforming brand strategy and websites, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two little ones. They love eating their way across their home of Naples, Italy.

Kaye Putnam Brand Strategist
Brand Psychology Free Workbook

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