Unlock your brand’s innate advantage.

  • Maybe you’re resisting sharing your genius by creating new content, developing new products, writing your book, pitching yourself to speak, or otherwise playing a bigger game… because you don’t like how your brand represents you.
  • Or you feel slight twinges of jealousy when everyone else online seems so… certain. And put together.
  • You look at your website and social media accounts and you KNOW that they aren’t representing your personality and purpose like they could.
  • You just aren’t sure how to package up your numerous skills and talents into a commodity that people understand and value.

Ready to scale your brilliance?

We need you to feel confident about being your best self. We need your brilliance. Let’s create a brand strategy that will bring out your genius.

I help amazing entrepreneurs get clear on their identity and brands to attract their best clients

Coaches   /   Consultants   /   Creatives   /   Entrepreneurs   /   Influencers   /   CEOs   /   Course Creators  

People & brands who are changing the world with what they know.

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What You Get

Identity Clarity

Before you can show up in the market with confidence, consistency, and clarity – you need to get crystal clear on who you are.

  • Archetype: decide how you are embodying your primary and secondary archetypes in your life and business
  • Energy Mechanics: our results will never outpace your energy. We’ll audit and design your Energy Ecosystem to serve you better.
  • Subconscious Calibration: the stories that we tell ourselves dictate our success. We’ll make sure all of your stories are serving you well.

Brand Messaging & Strategy

The words you use have a major influence influence on people’s perception of your brand. We spend time to make sure they are thoughtful, aligned, and distinctive. In your SourceBook, we’ll detail:

  • High-leverage words: specific words and phrases that make your brand’s message memorable
  • Stories: specific story types work best for different brands. We’ll identify which are the most powerful for you.
  • Content themes: wondering what to write in your blog or post on social? We’ll define the themes that create powerful clarity & value for your brand.

Brand Source Book

The Brand SourceBook is the culmination of everything we discover through our deep work together. It includes: your brand’s personality, position in the market, voice/tone guidelines, content themes, stories, word bank, cultural context, visual standards, and a lot more. It is the essential resource to delegate brand work to your team, to stay consistent, and to feeling clear & confident about what your brand stands for.

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VIP Brand Intensive: $5K
The most exciting part was seeing my vision come to life even bigger and better than I could have imagined. I felt completely comfortable and confident with Kaye. Her brand archetype quiz is so helpful. After taking the quiz I saw that I was an Innocent. As we discussed it I thought, “YES! That is exactly what I want to put out there! I want simplicity with luxury.” And it really helped me stay focused and clear on the direction of the brand.

It was a pleasure and so much fun working with Kaye. When starting a new business there are so many details to think about. It was so nice to put this major part of my to-do list in someone else’s hands. And I feel really great with the results. She saved me so much time and frustration, and gave me more clarity. It was exactly what I was looking for and more.

Heidi Houston

CEO/Founder, Heidi Houston

Behind the Brand

Hi! I’m Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist. I’ve been fascinated with the magic of business my whole adult life. I started my first successful business at 16. My degree is in Marketing and Psychology. And now, 15+ years of working with businesses later, I’m honored to help entrepreneurs like you create unforgettable brands.

My greatest talent is the ability to draw out a truly important message from a million ‘good’ ideas to create something remarkable. In past roles, agency clients invested in high 5-figure contracts to work with us. Now, I’m more passionate about helping people like me – entrepreneurs and small business owners – transform their dream business into a reality. 

The most impactful takeaway from our work together is having a framework to think through my branding – I love the archetypes and the brand book. You totally understood me and what I am trying to do. My brand is beautiful and on point for me. I get so many compliments on it.
Suzannah Scully

TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, Executive Coach

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I wish I could afford this, but not yet. What else do you have for me?
Have no fear, friend! I understand that my 1-on-1 work isn’t the right fit for everyone. In fact, I only agree to work with a small portion of people who contact me. If you’re looking for a smaller investment and still want to develop your psychology-driven brand, check out my Brand New Brand course.
When can we start?

This varies! Typically, I am booked out about 30 days in advance. Other times, we can start sooner, sometimes later. Please schedule your Clarity Call to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Do you design brands & websites?

I don’t offer design services, but I can point you in the direction of people I trust for these services. Reach out!

I tried to do everything myself and quickly realized I was in over my head. After listening to you, I learned so much and it became clear there was a lot I didn’t know. After that I knew I wanted to hire you. Your process was so helpful to me even beyond a Brand Book but also in furthering my business model.

Fleur Larsen

Consultant, Fleur Larsen Facilitation