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I’m excited to unveil my favorite tools that have been pivotal in boosting brand visibility and skyrocketing sales in my business. These prompts, templates, and swipe files are the backbone of my strategy that’s driven over $1 million in course sales. I’ve shared these proven techniques with thousands of students and individual clients across multiple courses and services.

And now, I’ve packaged all these game-changing tools into one convenient, beautifully designed bundle, crafted to deliver immediate results for you.

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Leverage the Mere Exposure Effect

(Psychological Magic)

This concept taps into the core of human psychology. The mere exposure effect illustrates a simple truth: the more we encounter something, the more we tend to develop a preference for it. It’s not just a theory; it’s a proven strategy to increase affinity and favorability in your target audience. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea, understanding and leveraging this phenomenon can be the key to your success.

Instagram Performance: Comparing Two Years 2021 vs. 2022 (before/after)

The High Cost of Staying Hidden

Lost Revenue Opportunities:

Stop missing out on crucial revenue; invisibility means overlooked sales and unclaimed market share.

Wasted Marketing Efforts:

End the frustration of seeing your marketing efforts vanish without boosting your brand’s recognition.

Customer Trust and Loyalty Issues:

Build trust and loyalty with visibility; customers gravitate towards brands they know and see regularly.

Slow Business Growth:

Accelerate your business growth; staying invisible stifles your potential expansion and success.

Difficulty with Brand Authority:

Emerge as an industry authority; invisibility keeps your expertise hidden and unrecognized.

Competitive Disadvantage:

Avoid being overshadowed by competitors; lack of visibility puts you at a strategic disadvantage in your industry.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Visibility Made Easy:

The Catalyst You Need

With this purchase, you’ll:

  • Boost your brand’s visibility
  • Build a body of work & content
  • Attract more of your ideal clients & customers

Unlock access to our proven tools, templates, and swipe files. Create psychology-driven content that doesn’t just attract clients – it attracts the BEST clients for you.


Lead Magnet Email Automation
Outlines w/ Examples

Swipe my high-converting email sequence that’s designed to turn leads into loyal customers.


Webinar & Workshop
Launch Strategy

Strategically crafted launch plans to showcase your expertise to potential clients.


Conversion-Based Content Outlines w/Examples + 50 Content Prompts + Content Calendar

Master the art of storytelling, ensuring your message resonates and engages.


70 Visibility Cards

Draw from the desk of visibility, each card a gateway to unveil your brand’s hidden powers and illuminate its path.


Podcast Pitching Scripts + Tracker

Persuasive pitching strategies to effectively communicate your value and secure meaningful opportunities.



Brand Standards Template

A ‘plug & play’ brand standards Canva template for easy access and editing.


Social Post Templates

‘Plug & play’ Social Media Canva post templates for easy access and editing.


All in all, the value of this brand amplification system and bonuses is over $200.

Grow Your Brand for Only $47

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$200+ Value
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It wouldn’t be possible without seeing you lead the way and giving the tools and resources from what you learned….

Just want to send a thank you for all you teach and all you give. BIG win today! Potential to close a 3k deal this afternoon. Thank you for shining your light and giving me the courage to, as well as the courage for charging my worth. Biggest package I’ve sold for PT ever. Huge win and I just had to share as I owe so much to you.

Shari Miller

Physical Therapist,

Don’t Let Invisibility Hold Your Business Back

Decide NOW is your time to stand out and get noticed.
“Success” isn’t an elusive concept that others get to enjoy.
You are ready to share your genius with the people who need it most.

→ Show up to the world.

→ Reach more people and GROW.

You’ll Get:

Lead Magnet Email Automation Outlines w/ Examples

Webinar & Workshop Launch Strategy

Conversion-Based Content Outlines w/Examples + 50 Content Prompts + Content Calendar

70 Visibility Cards with High-Converting Content Ideas

Podcast Pitching Scripts + Tracker



Canva Brand Standards Template


Canva Social Post Templates

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$200+ Value
Just 1 Payment of $47

Meet Your Educator & Mentor

Kaye Putnam

If we haven’t been officially introduced, I’m happy that you found my corner of the internet. I’m the psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs.

Really, the reason I do what I do is because I believe that entrepreneurs change the world. I know it sounds cheesy, but I see it every day. The impacts that we make ripple out in infinite directions to our family, friends, customers, and community.

Especially at a time when the world is increasingly complex and so many of our systems are under tension – entrepreneurs get things done. We don’t wait for permission to go out and help people.

  • Health and wellness practitioners help people feel better.
  • Educators and mentors teach people who want to learn.
  • Coaches facilitate meaningful transformations.
  • Ecommerce brands give people choices beyond the big box stores.

If I can help more of you brilliant entrepreneurs package up that genius and get it out into the world, I’m working on my purpose.


Q: Why Does Brand Visibility Matter?

» Visibility is a Key to Brand Growth

The main driver of growth is NEW users/customers, even if they only buy once.

To reach new audiences (and woo them into becoming a client/customer), we need to be visible. The content, ads, emails, and social media posts we create increase the probability they find us. It creates more opportunities for people to come into contact with our brand.

​» Visibility Creates Recognition

When we encounter a random blog post by someone we aren’t familiar with, we appreciate the content, but it’s quickly forgotten. Just because we landed on someone’s website once doesn’t mean that we’re going to remember it months later. Our memories are way too short for that.

Your audience needs repetition so they start to recognize who you are. 

Once we’re “out there,” people have an opportunity to build a lasting and cumulative belief in our brand over time. 

» Someone Needs Your Services/Products *Right Now*

Another case for consistent visibility is that different people will need your products at different times. By staying top of mind, your brand will be easier to recall when they need you.

Wondering if it’ll work for your business?

My clients and students include:

⇒ ​Real Estate Agents & Financial Advisors
⇒​ Doctors, Counselors, & Psychologists
⇒​ Business, Life, Parenting, & Love Coaches
⇒​ Writers & Authors
⇒​ eCommerce Stores & Product-based businesses
⇒ Health & Wellness Pros
⇒ Consultants & Strategists
⇒ SaaS Companies
⇒ Agencies & Designers
⇒ Shamans, Witches, Mediums, Psychics, Oracles
⇒ Photographers
⇒​ MLM Reps: Oils, Health, Fitness, Jewelry, Makeup (& more)

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$200+ Value
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