Elevating Your Business Strategy Using VIP Days with Jordan Gill

Elevating Your Business Strategy Using VIP Days

Ready to elevate your business strategy using VIP Days? 

Joining me for this conversation is Jordan Sallis, a 7-Figure Business Strategist whose mission is for high-achieving business owners to prioritize rest without sacrificing revenue! 

She’s helped over 400 coaches and consultants work with clients only 4 days a month with VIP Days! When she’s not spreading the gospel of VIP Days, she’s working on one of her thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles or traveling the world with her husband and bonus son.

We talk about:

  • [2:45] Who Jordan is and how she got here
  • [3:30] Creating your own path
  • [5:15] How Jordan discovered VIP days
  • [7:15] How her VIP day strategy has evolved over time
  • [9:15] The obstacles people face when it comes to creating VIP days
  • [14:35] Streamlining your VIP days and what’s included
  • [15:20] Jordan’s favorite clients results
  • [19:05] What’s lighting Jordan up in her business right now
  • [20:05] What all entrepreneurs need to know 
  • [22:35] The podcasts and books that have impacted Jordan’s growth

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Jordan here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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