Free 5-Day Brand Archetype Event
Hosted by Kaye Putnam

1-part scavenger hunt, 1-part brand-building workshop.

Welcome, Investigator!
The branding world is in trouble…

Too many brands are built based on whatever– or whomever– is popular at any given moment.

This situation breeds several nasty villains:

  • Launching-to-Crickets
  • Getting-Overlooked-by-Ideal-Clients
  • And worst of all… Not-Sharing-Your-Knowledge-with-the-World

It’s enough to keep this Archetype Investigator up at night.

The branding world needs your help!

If you choose to embark on this courageous quest,
you’ll find your Mission Details below…

Your Mission Details

Throughout this 5-day challenge, you’ll be asked to investigate different aspects of your top two brand archetypes. To aid this critical mission, you’ll receive the following daily intel & guidance:

Top secret


Each day you’ll receive a new assignment delivered directly to your inbox. Once briefed, you’ll search the internet for examples of your archetype in the wild… scavenger-hunt style!

Top Secret

Leads to Follow

With your Directive in hand, it’s time to search the internet for that intel. I’ll disclose a few secret leads to follow so you know where and what to investigate.

top secret

Drop Location

When you deliver your intel to the digital Drop Location* within 24hrs of receiving your daily Directive, you’ll be entered to win a brand archetype scholarship. You’ll get up to 5 chances to win!

*Pssst, it’s a simpleTypeForm to upload what you discovered.


FREE 5-DAY Brand Archetype EVENT

1-part scavenger hunt, 1-part brand-building workshop.

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs for the crowd-favorite brand event.

‘TypeQuest is free, wildly fun, and…


You’ll learn how to curate inspiration and assets for YOUR BRAND. They will help YOU leverage (or further leverage!) your archetypes – and make more impact and more sales. 


You’ll contribute to the archetype “collective intelligence”! (Yep, some of your best finds may even end up in my popular BrandFluency courses. How cool is that?)  

Ready for brand-building fun?

Join ‘TypeQuest

And, genius, this event has something for everyone… 

🤩 If you’re NEW to brand archetypes, this is your chance to explore them with support from me – and our genius brand-building community. 

🤓 If you’re an ARCHETYPE NERD (and I love nerds, so this is my highest compliment!), you’ll be in your element… finding new inspiration for your own brand, or just experimenting and flexing your “archetyping muscle!” 

Either way, for sure don’t miss it, ‘cause it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!


FREE 5-Day Brand Archetype Event

1-part scavenger hunt, 1-part brand-building workshop.

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs for the crowd-favorite brand event.

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