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‘TypeQuest is free, wildly fun, and…


You’ll learn how to curate inspiration and assets for YOUR BRAND. They will help YOU leverage (or further leverage!) your archetypes – and make more impact and more sales. 


You’ll contribute to the archetype “collective intelligence”! (Yep, some of your best finds may even end up in my popular BrandFluency courses. How cool is that?)  

And, genius, this event has something for everyone… 

🤩 If you’re NEW to brand archetypes, this is your chance to explore them with support from me – and our genius brand-building community. 

🤓 If you’re an ARCHETYPE NERD (and I love nerds, so this is my highest compliment!), you’ll be in your element… finding new inspiration for your own brand, or just experimenting and flexing your “archetyping muscle!” 

Either way, for sure don’t miss it, ‘cause it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!

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