How to Get More Time as a Business Owner with Jaimee Campanella

How to Get More Time as a Business Owner with Jaimee Campanella

In this episode, Jaimee Campanella joins me to talk about how to get more time in your day as a business owner.


Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs, life can often feel very busy, chaotic and overwhelming. How do we leverage the time that we do have and ensure we’re using it in ways that supports our goals, dreams and bigger vision?


Is it truly possible to have the relationships and friendships you want, while balancing the hard work and dedication to your craft? Jaimee believes it is, and she is sharing the ‘how’ with us today.


Jaimee Campanella is a time strategist and productivity consultant who mentors and guides parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs to take control of their time. She is the creator and principal facilitator of the Time Power program that gives people the essential tools and strategies to avoid overwhelm and tame chaos so that they can regain control of their time for good.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:00] Symptoms of burnout and lack of time management

  • [4:10] Is your overwhelm and anxiety from lack of time management or something else

  • [6:00] Mindset shifts to make in order to overcome this burnout and overwhelm

  • [11:00] How to turn up the awareness about our mindset as it relates to time freedom

  • [14:00] What life can look like once you take control of your time

  • [17:00] Why it’s so hard to find a time management system by yourself

  • [20:30] One tool and system you can implement right away

  • [23:55] How to balance your commitments and create more time

  • [30:55] Taking this information and implementing it in your life

  • [32:30] One crucial thing to understand about time

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