The Power of Humor in Branding with Paddy Gilmore

The Power of Humor in Branding

Join Paddy Gilmore, founder of Studio Gilmore, The Humor Consultancy, in this insightful podcast episode as he shares his expertise on incorporating humor into branding.

With 23 years of advertising experience and a Master’s degree in humor research, Paddy provides valuable insights on when and how to effectively use humor to drive brand success. From the impact of Snicker’s iconic campaign to leveraging humor in B2B brands, this episode covers the psychology behind humor, avoiding pitfalls, successful campaigns, leveraging brand assets, and finding humor inspiration.

Paddy also discusses the role of “cancel culture” and presents a fascinating case study on how Getty Images revitalized its brand perception through humorous campaigns. Tune in for an informative exploration of humor in branding!

We talk about:

[0:00] Intro

[1:57] Paddy’s journey to humor in branding

[2:58] The impact of Snicker’s ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign

[3:55] Humor in B2B brands

[5:15] How entrepreneurs can leverage humor in their business

[6:26] Psychology behind humor

[7:39] When should we apply humor to our brands?

[8:29] Avoiding humor pitfalls

[11:14] Successful humor campaign

[13:27] Leverage distinctive brand assets

[14:50] Subjectivity in humor

[16:53] Humor inspiration for brands

[18:47] ‘Cancel culture’ in marketing and ads

[20:18] Revitalizing Brand Perception through Humorous Campaigns: Getty Images

[22:08] Where to find Paddy

[23:06] Three things you should know about humor

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