The Intersection of Branding and Political Consulting with Matt Krayton

The Intersection of Branding and Political Consulting

In this episode, Matt, the Founder of Publitics, discusses the parallels between political consulting, branding, and entrepreneurship. He shares strategies for navigating hot topics, leading with conversation in marketing, and the importance of authenticity and credibility in both politics and business. The episode provides valuable lessons for politicians and entrepreneurs alike, offering practical insights for successful branding and communication.

Matt played a role in special projects during the 2020 presidential campaign, notably contributing to the creation of President Joe Biden’s viral “We Just Did” hat. Currently, he serves as an adjunct professor in Centenary University’s Business Department, teaching in their pioneering social media program. Before founding Publitics, Matt worked at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll and taught political science and law as an adjunct instructor.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [01:28] Matt’s journey into political consulting
  • [06:17] Political branding narratives and strategies
  • [9:25] Navigating ‘hot topic’ issues as brands
  • [11:54] Marketing strategy: leading with conversation
  • [16:10] Digital marketing
  • [17:42] Defining your brand
  • [21:33] Market saturation
  • [26:43] Navigating brand controversy
  • [31:39] Lessons for both politicians and entrepreneurs
  • [36:37] Where to find Matt

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