Storytelling Strategies for Effective Branding with Ericka Saurit

Storytelling Strategies for Effective Branding

Step right into the world of captivating storytelling with a special guest, Ericka Saurit. With her impressive 20-year career in interior design and marketing, she’s the visionary behind Saurit Creative, a company that’s revolutionizing brands in the home industry.

Get ready to uncover the secret behind compelling brand stories as Ericka introduces her unique 3E storytelling framework – Extraordinary, Emotional, and Experiential. These powerful elements will ignite an authentic connection with your audience like never before.

Ericka encourages brand builders to leverage their individual experiences and stand out in the industry. She’ll reveal how digital storytelling takes center stage, empowering you to use websites, social media, and email marketing as powerful platforms for engagement and leaving a lasting impact.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [02:34] From interior designer to brand storyteller
  • [04:21] The 3E storytelling framework
  • [8:44] 1-page brand audit
  • [11:28] Embracing your extraordinary brand
  • [14:09] Digital storytelling
  • [15:46] Common brand storytelling pitfalls
  • [19:41] Connecting through emotions
  • [28:04] Where to find Ericka

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