4 Pillars of Creating a Six-Figure Business with Tay Daniels

4 Pillars of Creating a Six-Figure Business with Tay Daniels

What are the four pillars of creating a six-figure business?

In this episode, Tay Daniels shares the strategies she has developed and uses to continue to grow and scale her business. Beyond mindset, there is more than goes into creating a six-figure company.

Tay Daniels is a multi-business owning wife and mom living in the Midwest, host of the Breadwinner Energy Podcast, & Life & Business Mentor for women who are ready to build a 6-Figure business. She teaches women how to step into their CEO shoes, build unshakeable confidence, & get paid to be unapologetically themselves so they can have a life they not only love but deserve!

We talk about:

  • [3:30] How to go from zero to one and bringing on those first few clients

  • [6:10] Shifting into coaching and what it looked like on a tangible level

  • [8:45] Four pillars of creating a six figure business

  • [11:00] How to work through slow seasons

  • [14:30] How Tay has found her mentors

  • [18:10] What’s coming for Tay in 2023

  • [22:05] What becomes possible when women are the ‘breadwinner’

  • [31:30] How Tay learns best

  • [33:20] One idea Tay wants every entrepreneur to know


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