The Science of Visibility with N. Chloé Nwangwu

The Science of Visibility with N. Chloé Nwangwu

In this episode, we’re covering the science of visibility.

What goes into brand recognition? Why is visibility online so important? Are there specific things you can do you get your audience to remember your brand? 

Joining me for this conversation is N. Chloé Nwangwu, The Brand Scientist, a brand visibility advisor and consultant for underrecognized social impact brands and public figures.

Her job is to make these brands impossible to ignore.She’s advised everyone from a small black, family owned mom and pop shop to the first refugee delegation to the UN. Many of those clients have gone on to be better seen, heard, respected and resourced. That’s looked like celebrity endorsements, seats at previously inaccessible tables and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Her signature approach comes down to a science backed understanding of what it takes to get The Underrecognized the attention and recognition their work deserves. N. Chloé lives in the US, where she wrestles with an addiction to D&D and tends to her giant baby Yoda plushie.

We talk about:

  • [2:25] N. Chloé’s journey into the science of visibility

  • [5:35] Why she works with under-recognized people 

  • [6:05] The most surprising insights she has learned about the science of visibility

  • [9:40] Looking at visibility biases 

  • [11:55] Tools to earn more visibility

  • [13:25] How the brain works when it comes to visibility

  • [18:00] What makes brands most memorable 

  • [21:55] What are stakeholders for your brand?

  • [28:00] How to become visible to your stakeholders

  • [38:40] The most transformative resources N. Chloé has tapped into in her journey

  • [45:30] What she wants every entrepreneur to know

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with N. Chloé here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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