Sales with Psychology: Get People to Buy What You’re Selling

Sales are ALL about psychology. 🧠 Not surprising, right?

The #1 problem that I see when it comes to selling is that people are not in alignment with the psychology of their buyers.

Why is this a problem? ((❌PAIN!))

Because when you’re not in alignment with the psychology of your buyer, it feels like you’re running up against a brick wall when you try to sell them something.

The good news is, there is a solution. ((✔️PLEASURE!))

I’m going to share with you three steps you can take to ensure that you are selling and marketing yourself in a way that speaks to the psychology of your buyer.

Here’s a quick overview of the three steps: 

🌟Choose the best offer 

🌟Define the moment 

🌟Add psychological layers 

1. Choose the Best Offer

What is the most valuable problem that you can solve and who desires that solution the most?

First things, first. Humans are motivated by TWO things – moving away from ((❌PAIN!)) & moving toward ((✔️PLEASURE!)).

Interestingly, people are more likely to avoid pain than gain pleasure. Do what you wish with this very important piece of information!

Thoughts to consider: What pain are you helping people avoid or escape? What transformation or pleasure do people desire on the other side?

Pro Tip: Be in alignment with current market desires. You never want to be in a position to convince humans to buy your product/service.

The scale of acuteness & awareness (who you want to sell your offer to):
Are they aware?
Is there problem acute?
Potential R.O.I 


2. Define the Moment

What situations, triggers, or words let people know that it’s time to buy?

In the vlog, I mention KitKat + Coffee. But does anyone else remember this jingle – 🎵 “Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break, Break me off a piece of that KitKat Bar.” 🎵 More specifically, the commercials of people taking a break from their day (resting) & sharing (or breaking) their KitKats with each other? AH – nostalgia just kicked in.

In those situations, I’m going to correlate a KitKat with drinking my coffee and/or taking a much-deserved break during the day. 

Additionally, to you, defining the moment is also going to mean referability, referrability, referability!

◼️ If someone needs premade social media templates, I’m going to refer you to Katya Varbanova.

◼️ If someone needs support with a chronic pet health condition, I’m going to refer you to my amazing student/client Susan Johnson.

– – This all circles back to those pain points as discussed in ‘Choose the Best Offer.’ ☝️☝️ 


3. Add Psychological Layers 🧠

You’re in business to serve. Selling is serving. Go out there and help people who need you & your services.

Let’s jazz it all up with psychological layers. You want to influence people to make a buying decision now instead of later.

💫 Share abundant proof and share it often. Use case studies, stories of previous clients and customers, statistics, result stories, etc.

💫Articulate the comparison equation that’s going on in your client’s minds.#FOMO – What are your clients missing out on when they don’t take action? Compare your offers to other options in the market.

💫Create urgency! Why should people take action right now? Can you offer a special bonus or add additional benefits? Create special campaigns – again & again – that give people new reasons to jump in an offer.

💫Handle objections in advance. How can you show your ideal client that your offer is in fact for them?

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