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As an entrepreneur who’s worked online for over 7 years, I want to help you do the same! Problem is, there are so many different tools and options when you’re getting started. (Hello, overwhelm.) Short cut your learning curve by using the tools, tricks, and lessons I’ve tried & tested over the years. 

Some of the tools I recommend here are affiliate links, which means that I may get a small payment if you decide to use them, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend what I love and personally use.

Amazon Shopping List to Upgrade Your Home Office 

That #WFH Life

(Basics for working from home) 

Host a Meeting on Zoom

Zoom is becoming synonymous with the video call these days for good reason. They offer a (mostly stable) platform to have video chats with 1 or many people at a time. 

Send a Video Recording with Loom

Sometimes you need to say more than what’s reasonable to type in an email, but you don’t need to schedule a call either. Loom to the rescue! Record your face, screen, or both and easily send a link to who needs to see it.

Chat with Your Team on Slack

The last thing you want is to send ALL DAY in your inbox. Download the slack app to talk with your team, ask & answer questions, and to provide quick updates.

Easily Schedule Calls with Calendly

It’s time to stop the scheduling back-and-forth emails to find a time. It’s much easier to set up an account with Calendly, define your availability, and share your calendar with whoever you want to schedule with!

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Working with Clients Online

Essential tools for service-based businesses

Send Invoices with FreshBooks

FreshBooks makes it super-simple to get PAID. Their pricing scales with the number of clients you have, so you start small and it grows with you.

Get Contracts Signed on HelloSign

Make sure your (legal) butt is covered. Any contract is better than none. Describe exactly who is responsible for what, and what happens if things don’t go to plan. 

Manage Projects with Asana

Especially when you work with a team, you’ll want a central place where you can track the progress of different projects. Asana does this beautifully and is free to start! 

Collect Information with TypeForm

Typeform makes forms sexy. (Yes, really.) I use them for client intake, feedback, audience research, and more.  

Reading List


If you have extra time & energy for self-development, seize the opportunity with some of the resources below. I curated three of my most relevant articles, and my favorite branding and self-development books. 

Branding Books

Self-Development Books

Brand Essentials

Establish Your Brand Online

Build Your WordPress Site with Divi

Divi gives you drag-and-drop simplicity for building a WordPress site. It’s what I use to build my site and client’s sites. 

Host Your Site on WPengine

There are cheaper hosting options, but you get what you pay for. WPengine is excellent for WordPress security, speed, and easy of use.

Build Your Email List on ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the best email platform for advanced options that are intuitive to set up. I’ve used it for years, and love that it continues to grow with me.

Get Graphic Assets on CreativeMarket

If you don’t hire a professional designer, the next best thing is to buy templates that are professionally designed. CreativeMarket has a TON of options for everything you need to build and grow your online business. 

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Selling Courses Online

Create & Sell an Online Course with Teachable

Teachable makes selling online courses easy… and on-brand. Their platform makes it easy to create student experiences that are professional and intuitive. All of my courses are hosted & delivered using Teachable.

Host Live or Evergreen Webinars with EasyWebinar

I haven’t found a “perfect” webinar system, but I like EasyWebinar the best from all I’ve seen. I’m able to host both live and Evergreen (pre-recorded) masterclasses that sell my courses every day.

Build Your Audience with a High-Converting Quiz on TryInteract

My brand quiz has been the #1 driver of my lead-generation and sales for years. It’s worth creating an asset that will grow your brand for the long term. 

Get Video/Audio Transcribed on Rev

Don’t waste your time transcribing your own videos or audio into text. Rev does it for you for a very reasonable rate. 

Youtube & Live Video Equipment

Maybe you’re planning on getting serious about your Youtube channel or live video production during this time? The products below are what I’m currently using. It’s possible to produce videos with much less (chances are, you have an iPhone that does a fine job!) but if you want to upgrade your game, these are what I found to be the best! 

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