Tools to Build a Quiz That Converts

✨ Welcome to the enchanting realm of lead-generating quizzes! ✨🔮

In this vlog, we’ll chat about the magical world of tools and strategies that will help you construct an irresistible quiz for your business.

If you’ve ever crossed paths with me, you might be familiar with my very own brand archetype quiz, which has generated over 200,000 participants and conjured up a spellbinding array of leads, sales, attention, goodwill, and good vibes. 💫

While we won’t be unfolding each step in painstaking detail, I’m thrilled to unveil some of the most potent tools and strategies I’m currently using to craft a brand-new quiz from scratch.

Prepare to be spellbound! 🪄✨

Quiz Topic

Engaging with your audience through quizzes creates a delightful, low-risk touchpoint that fosters goodwill and connection. But here’s the key: always start with the end in mind! 🧠✨

Discover what truly matters to your ideal clients. Resist the temptation to settle for generic quizzes. Instead, let’s create an experience that celebrates, enlightens, and empowers.

Remember, successful quizzes should explore personality facets, personal style, situational personas, business growth, and more! So, pick a quiz topic that speaks to your audience and offers valuable insights or simply a delightful experience. Trust us, your audience will love it!


My go-to tool is TryInteract. I’ve been using them since 2015 and my leads tripled once I made the switch to this platform. (So, I 100% recommend it!)

The key is to start with your outcomes first – that way, you can create a quiz that makes logical sense and leads to the results you want.

Once you have your outcomes in place, it’s time to start crafting your questions. Generally, we recommend aiming for 7-11 questions – enough to get to a meaningful result, but not so many that people lose interest. And don’t forget to mix up your question types with images or GIFs to keep things interesting!

Finally, it’s important to over-deliver on value at the end of the quiz. We like to include practical tools, next steps, and multimedia content to really make it worth someone’s while.

If you want to learn more about building quizzes, check out our Convert with a Quiz course – it’s packed with tips and strategies to help you create a successful quiz.


AI: ChatGPT & Jasper

I used both Jasper and ChatGPT to help define my outcomes and generate questions.

Some of my favorite questions to ask are ones that don’t have a right or wrong answer – like “What’s your opinion on X?” or “Describe your daily routine”. This helps you get to know your audience better and tailor your quiz to their interests.

So if you’re looking for a creative and engaging way to build a quiz, give AI a try! And always remember to keep things conversational and approachable – we love using humor, personal stories, and metaphors to connect with our readers.


AI: MidJourney

One of the magical tools I utilized is  MidJourney, an AI image generator. 🖼️

As mentioned in the video above, I wanted to capture the essence of each goddess that I’m using in a recent Quiz build. ☝️☝️

To capture the essence of each goddess, I asked AI to create their images, keeping in mind the target audience. The descriptions were carefully crafted, envisioning premium, well-lit, and art-focused portraits that radiate age-appropriate wisdom. No black and white, grainy, or hands-included images. (AI has a peculiar aversion to hands! 🙌✋)

To expand, I included a question about dream bedrooms, letting AI conjure up captivating interior design shots tailored to each goddess. This intuitive blend of text and image questions creates a truly engaging quiz experience. 🛏️🔮

Then, I delved deeper into the goddesses’ essence by associating them with animals. With this newfound knowledge, I called upon MidJourney once again to generate an exquisite coat of arms, featuring the animals as symbols of power and identity. 

By specifying the desired style and graphics, the result was a harmonious collection of visuals that perfectly complemented each other, forming a cohesive and captivating journey of discovery. 



After the quiz, we take over-delivering to new heights. Celebrate your quiz-takers’ newfound discovery!🎉💫

On the outcome pages, we create a moment of clarity and insight, offering PDFs and masterclasses. These valuable resources should also be delivered straight to their email, providing a deeper understanding of their discovery. From there, we guide them to a treasure trove of multimedia content, including videos, Pinterest pins, etc.

It’s a celebration of overdelivering value while empowering them to take action and learn more about your products and services.

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