5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Online Quiz

Do you want to create a quiz that generates leads, sales, and email subscribers? 

💫Uh, yeah you do!💫 

To date, my online quiz that helps you discover your Innate Brand Advantage has been taken over 200K times! Which directly resulted in over $130,000 in sales in just the last 12 months alone — whoa!🙌. (MIND-BLOWN! 🤯) 

But don’t get too impressed yet… there are five common blunders marketers make when setting up quizzes that could cost them dearly. So take note: if it’s profitable results you’re searching for then avoid these nasty pitfalls:

🚫️ Wrong type of quiz

❌ Incorrect topic selection

⛔️ Mediocre questions & logic

❗️ Flat post-quiz experience

😱 Below par promotions plans

1. Mistake #1: Quiz Types

Tap into your ideal clients’ curiosity with a quiz that’s just right for them! There are four types of quizzes designed to help you reach cold audiences and keep their attention; however, only two have the power to immediately capture interest. Make sure you choose one at the top of your funnel to introduce yourself in an impactful way – it’ll lead those prospects down a blissfully magical path in your orbit. 💫

4 Quiz Types

  • Insight – Tells people something about themselves
  • Strategy – Helping people determine their next steps
  • Selection – Which product/service they’re going to select
  • Assessment – Grading people on the level of their knowledge

2. Topic Selection

When it comes to creating a quiz, far too many marketers choose something that’s obvious or self-serving. But the perfect topic should be both strategic and beneficial for your business as well as those who take it – unlocking unique insights into what people already know while offering them new knowledge at the same time!

By taking some extra effort in this area you can create an entertaining experience with useful information tailored especially to your ideal customers’ needs.

🔮Now THAT is magical!🔮 

3. Questions & Logic

If you want to create an engaging quiz that gives people insight, then there’s one important major rule: don’t make it too obvious! We’ve seen this mistake from even the most experienced quizzemakers – questions and logic are so transparent that all outcomes seem glaringly predictable. Nobody wants a pet-picking quiz where every answer results in ‘goldfish’ regardless of lifestyle preferences; what fun is that?

Tailor your questionnaire for maximum surprise (and genuine interest) by adding complex layers into each question. Let people walk away feeling like they just discovered something new about themselves – not bored or uninformed.

4. Post-Quiz Experience

Mistake number four – you know the one, so heartbreaking.💔

If your quiz isn’t optimized for lead generation and sales it won’t do what we want from the get-go. To make this happen our approach must be tailored to invite people into our world who wouldn’t otherwise have heard of us – after all, that’s why quizzes can be a great top-of-funnel tool. We’ll need to craft an experience that builds trust with them along their journey until they finally realize there is something valuable waiting at the end…your products/services.

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