Quitting Content Creation Without Sacrificing Results with Hailey Dale

Quitting Content Creation Without Sacrificing Results with Hailey Dale

In this episode, we’re talking about quitting content creation without sacrificing results.

How do you get off the content creation hamster wheel? If you’ve ever felt stuck in a loop and cycle of content creation, this episode is for you.

Hailey Dale is a genius when it comes to content creation and strategy, and we dive into all of her secrets so you can actually have a finish line when it comes to creating content.

Hailey Dale is a best-selling author and founder of Your Content Empire, where she works with business owners who S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E to create content consistently—let alone turn it into evergreen sales funnels that actually work.Through her courses, done-for-you services and tell-all blog, she’s helped thousands of business owners grow their audiences and sales using content – while making the entire process easier through simple workflows and systems.

We talk about:

  • [2:20] How Hailey got into business

  • [4:20] What the Capsule Content Collection is

  • [6:40] Why it never feels like we’re ‘finished’ with creating content

  • [8:30] The 12 posts you should always be making 

  • [16:25] Challenges creators run into when creating content

  • [18:30] How to roll out your social media posts

  • [20:40] The intention behind naming your methodologies 

  • [26:35] Hailey’s favorite way to learn

  • [27:00] What you need to know to move your business forward

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Hailey Dale here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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