My Quantum Quarter: The Transformative Power of Habits


Back in March of this year, I sent an email to my list – the subject line of which had me straight up LOL-ing! 🤣 It was this: 

                      Subj:  I hit $50K and lost 20 lb! 

No, I wasn’t writing to sell them a weight loss supplement. And no, the email was not just made up for click bait! 

I had actually CRUSHED some of my big goals  – and I crushed them fast!

And I was soooo excited to share how. I had broken through some serious barriers and perceived ceilings. I knew those in my orbit would be excited with me. And I knew they could benefit from hearing how I did it.  

In today’s blog post, I’m revisiting the period during which I did this –  the focused, highly-successful 90-days that I dubbed my “Quantum Quarter.”  

Right here, right now, I want to document the tactics I used to get back to achievement and progress after a period of… weeeeelllll… Let’s just say it was an extended funk. (Gory, oversharing details within, I promise. 😉 )

Ready to learn how I did it? (And how YOU can too?) 

You can watch the 🎥 video below – or you can continue reading for a more detailed account of my Quantum Quarter! 

Our story starts in a crammed, uninspring hotel room in North Carolina…

It was August of 2019. My family – hubs, two littles, and I – had just moved from Minneapolis to North Carolina. (And we had moved back to Minneapolis from Italy 6 months before that, to give you some context.) 

I had successfully been running my business for about a decade. Hubby had just separated from the military, and we had decided he would embark on a private sector career. 

We were trading in our challenging but amazing “move every couple of years” lifestyle for some roots! Exciting times, right? But rough, too. Let me explain…

Because there we were, house hunting and trying to get settled in a new state. Living out of a cramped hotel room. Sharing bathrooms. (I warned you there would be oversharing… 🤣) Eating out at restaurants and ordering takeout by the hotel pool. Drinking too often. Oh, and… Not doing a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g active. 😳 Not working out, because it’s really hard with a closet-sized hotel gym and two kids who aren’t in school! 

This only lasted about six weeks, but it took a toll on my energy and motivation. (<—- Major understatement.) In all honesty, I was in a downward spiral into lethargy, depression, and an unfocused fuzziness. It came on FAST and it felt really crappy. 

I was still working in my business during this time, but it wasn’t pretty. The close quarters, restaurant meals, weird schedules… they had done a number on my physical health and mindset. And it was impacting my business. 

So, as this time of crazy came to a close, and we were (finally!) closing on the house that we purchased, I knew needed a total transformation.

This was my opportunity, and I was beyond ready to create an upward spiral of results – and get out of this sad and dangerous decline that I had been on. (Dramatic, I know, but it was truly a tipping point.) 

My thoughts 💭 were now consumed with the how… How *exactly* would I make this happen? I had a lot of ground to cover if I wanted to get from where I was (sedentary, lethargic, frankly uninspired) to where I wanted to be – in my personal life and in my brand.

💭 💭 💭  “A lot of ground to cover…” 

💭 💭 💭  “So much ground to cover…”

Those words kept replaying in my head… 

And, then it hit me! ⚡️ 

I had a lot of ground to cover, but I knew *exactly* how…

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Brand building Quantum Quarter - the transformative power of habits

Pin this article to reference later! 📌

Break in the narrative… The story flashes back to a little town at the base of Mount Everest…

Maybe you remember? In March of 2019, I hiked to Everest base camp with my fam. 🏔 (The grown-ups!) It was sort of a dare we took, and we were thrilled to take it together. We trained and prepared for months leading up to it. 

And, like any incredible adventure, it came with some surprises, including how I felt about it all – at the time and in retrospect! 

I expected to feel accomplished, humbled, and inspired. I expected lessons. (And we experienced alllllll of that, for sure!)

But one thing I did NOT expect? It was how dang sloooooooooowwwwly we walked. 

I mean, sometimes it felt silly how slowly we walked. Our sherpas (through the incredible Ian Taylor Trekking for anybody that is looking to do a similar trek!) required us to go at a very plodding pace, with lots of stops for tea, snacks, water. (We had to drink five liters a day while trekking!) 

We just kept walking… Baby step after baby step after baby step… 

But in the end, we covered 70 miles and made it to base camp and back (EVEREST FREAKING BASE CAMP!!!). We’d gone all the way up to just about 17,000 feet of elevation at the top of Kala Patthar, and it was exhilarating. 

And you know what else I learned? (This will pay off later! 👇)  

People who *don’t* trek slowly (intentionally, consistently, but sooooo slooooooowly 😉)? They often don’t make it! Like, they get injured, get sick, or lose motivation (or all three). 

Back in that tiny hotel room in North Carolina… 

I thought back to Everest and the slow but steady strategy. 

And I knew what I needed to do.

I realized that it doesn’t matter how quick you are. It doesn’t matter if you put in really intense hours and work so hard you collapse at the end of the day… It’s only these consistent baby step actions that create the really big results. (And, profoundly enough, it creates them with ease and flow!) 

So, while it doesn’t even feel like you’re doing much… you’re just taking these baby steps… The compounding results are actually ✨ magical – and transformational! 

So I designed my Quantum Quarter to work in the same way! 

I planned out a 90-day time period – and I designed it to end right before Thanksgiving (’cause I knew I was going to want to indulge over the holidays!) 

Jumping ahead, I’ll now remind you that in this Quantum Quarter…

… I had my first-ever $50K month in my business (and had some other really big revenue months, too!) 

… And, yes! I also lost 20 pounds, which was an unexpected and incredible side benefit!  

So what did this Quantum Quarter entail? 

Basically, I put together a list of high leverage habits that were silly-easy to complete each day. (Much like those silly slow baby steps up on that mountain, right?) 

My list had things like this on it: 

✔️  Meditate for five minutes. 

✔️  Move my body for 10 minutes. 

✔️  Take probiotics. 

✔️  Breathe deeply 3x before beginning to eat. 

✔️  Stretch for two minutes before bed. 

✔️  Write down three to five words that represent small things I’m grateful for. 

… and many other “silly-easy” items.

(In addition to this tact, I also adopted another life-altering (and yet stupid-simple!) habit I’d picked up on Everest. —-> I now drink three liters of water daily – one of which is before I have any coffee or anything to eat. This gives me game-changing energy. Read more about what I’ve learned about energy here.) 

On the business side of things, I also committed to simple habits. I would… 

✔️  Publish something every single day – no matter how unstrategic or unsexy that thing was. I just showed up somewhere. This typically was Instagram stories for my first Quantum Quarter. 

✔️  Make an offer every day. Sometimes that meant that I already had a sales call scheduled. Other times, that meant I was sending somebody a DM or following up with a past lead… Whatever I needed to do to make a sales offer. 

✔️  Improve something – no matter how minute – in my business. Whether I improved one line of copy, upgraded a graphic, or evolved a whole website page… just one thing got upgraded. 

✔️  Learn something every day. Sometimes that meant that I listened to a podcast, sometimes I read a little bit of a book. But again, it was only a 10 minute commitment. 

So all together this whole list of habits took no more than two hours – and most days it was a lot less. (The key to success with this kind of life and brand-expanding sprint? It’s to make your habit list so easy that you literally have no excuse not to do it.) 

And, as discussed, 😃 these baby habits propelled me to some pretty amazing results. Hello, record revenue months! 

Lastly, I want to mention that the sense of pride and self-belief I experienced (because I was checking these things off every single day!) also motivated me – and gave me the momentum to make some other habit changes, too. 

Most notably, I needed to change what I was fueling my body with. The hotel poolside pizza and burgers diet had left me pretty fed up, so I went in the other direction and committed to no sugar, no white carbs, and no alcohol – six days a week. (On Saturdays, I took the day completely off from doing any habits!) 

My commitment to clean eating contributed, of course, to my 20 lb weight loss (and to that cray-cray email subject line I opened this article with! 🤣 And, PS – I’ve kept most of it off.)

So, that was great! 

But… the saga continued… 

This story had its share of intrigue…

Will she or won’t she?

One of the interesting twists about my Quantum Quarter (now that I look back on it…) is that the first month was actually kind of frustrating. 

I didn’t see a lot of results – at first. I think I lost a quick four or five pounds early on, but then it stagnated. And the results in my business didn’t really pick up at first either. Dollars and opportunities were coming in here and there, but it was nothing to write home about! 

It wasn’t until the very end of that first month… when everything started to snowball and come together. And, THEN, all of my efforts finally created a “quantum” or compound effect. (To hear more about this part of the story – and my first $50K month, you can watch this video.)  

Point is… This last part kind of blows my mind! Because when you take this approach, you don’t see that daily incremental progress. The baby steps seem so easy. And then, all of a sudden, you reach some of these massive goals that you’ve had for forever. 

It’s pretty 🤯-ing… in the best way imaginable! 

So, Genius, that’s the satisfying conclusion of the story of my Quantum Quarter. 

If you’d like a taste of the Quantum Quarter effect for yourself – and you don’t necessarily want to commit to a full 90 days – my program, The Brand Advantage might be perfect for you. 

It’s a 30 day container, and it’s built for brand-building entrepreneurs. We focus on I-P-O habits (Improve, Offer, Publish… sound familiar? 😉) while we get into action, get brand clarity, and get visible – together. 

The Brand Advantage is a “learning by BEING” experience designed to get you into action and create results in 30 days. Once you have the brand clarity, visibility systems, and psychological conditions set – you’ll never want to stop growing! 

Learn more and apply (or get on the waitlist if you’re reading this when there’s a session on deck) at this link! 




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