Public Launch Experiment Part 2

Last week I announced that I’m embarking on a very public 12-week launch experiment. These 12 weeks happen to coincide with the last 12 weeks before I take a break TO HAVE A BABY. (I am fully aware that I may be crazy.) If you want to read and watch the full story, make sure you check out the first post in the series.

I’m so excited to update you on all of the progress. I made some major changes to my strategy. I’ll be sharing what and why below…

See all the pretty check marks! Getting ‘er done.

As soon as I’m done with this blog post, I’ll be adding a check next to Week 2, part C. Woot!

Survey Results

Wow, guys. I am SO blown away by the response to my survey. If you were one of the 119 people who shared their thoughts, needs, and challenges with me related to branding… THANK YOU!

Believe it or not, the results were the exact opposite of what I was expecting. (You’re keeping me on my toes!)

The first question I asked you related to the overall direction of the workshop/course. I wanted to use this question to determine the course positioning in relation to other options available online. I was also hoping for insight for naming it. Before hearing from almost 120 of you, I had planned to do something along the lines of helping people bring their existing brand to the next level. Nearly all of my one-on-one clients fall into this category: they’ve been in business for a year or two and want to get a more professional and authentic brand.

However, the survey told me that you want me to show you how to launch a NEW brand.

This was my first major strategy shift. You spoke loud and clear and I’m listening!

Next, I asked about the specific content that people wanted to learn. Before the survey, I thought marketing automation would be a big draw because I love setting up systems that work while I’m away. Wrong again! (This is why ASKING is so powerful.)

These answers will be built directly into the content of the workshop and course. Interestingly, the most vague answers were the most enticing to respondents. I think this tells me that you are simply a bit overwhelmed with the idea of branding. I’ll be making the steps that I teach incredibly simple and specific to help combat this feeling.

Lastly, I asked about overall business goals. These answers are great copywriting inspiration because they tell me what kind of results you are looking for. I wasn’t surprised about the top answer here (the desire to make an impact) because that’s one of my top values as well. This confirmed to me that my brand is doing its job. It’s attracting my ideal clients!

I also asked some open-ended questions. (Side note: If you use a survey to get to know your audience better, be sure to include both multiple choice and open-ended questions.) The multiple choice questions allowed me to test a few of my assumptions in a concrete way. The paragraph questions allowed me to hear in your voice what you’re up against. I filled out pages and pages in my brand journal with phrases and keywords from these responses. I’ll be building the input directly into the workshop and paid course so you get exactly what you’re hungry for.

Introducing… Brand New Brand

After collecting and analyzing the survey results, I got to work branding the brand course. (So meta.)

The name took a bit of brainstorming. Here were the discarded options:

  • New Brand Build
  • New Brand Plan
  • A Brand Launch
  • The Brand Launch
  • My Brand Launch
  • My Brand Planner
  • New Brand Planner

I was trying to convey the step-by-step nature of the course, which is what people told me they wanted in the survey. However, all of those names were quite the mouthful. A few of them were discarded because they are already trademarked.

I settled on Brand New Brand because it conveys the positioning (it’s a course about launching a NEW brand) and it’s fun to say. I was also able to secure for $0.99 so that’s a bonus!

I designed a new logo for the course:

The logo uses colors and fonts from my existing brand to keep consistency throughout all of my products and services. The geometric shape behind the words is symbolic, which is a great fit for a Magician Archetype Brand (which I am). There are four sections of the triangle that correspond to the first four steps to building a brand from scratch that I’ll teach through the course.

Next, I got to work writing and designing the landing page for the introduction webinar. I’ll be making some tweaks to this over the next few weeks before I start promoting it, but it’s really taking shape.

I decided to use ClickFunnels (affiliate link) to build and host the whole sales funnel from landing page to course delivery. It isn’t cheap at $97/month, but the capabilities were soooo much better than their competitor who most people use (LeadPages).

A Format Change

Originally, I was going to host four live webinars and then package them up into a paid product. However, that meant that I’d be hosting the fourth webinar in my 37th week of pregnancy and needing to package and edit everything in weeks 38 and 39. I had a heart to heart with my mastermind group and with their smart suggestions and support, I’m scaling that back so I don’t go into labor live on a webinar.

On a personal note, the baby is already measuring big and I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again (I had it last pregnancy) so I needed to remind myself that babies work on their own schedule, not mine.

I’ll be hosting a free training webinar on October 21 and the paid course (which goes into WAY more depth and step-by-step training) will be available to purchase immediately after.

It feels much more sane. And that’s a good thing.

Thinking About Pricing

I haven’t decided how to price the course yet. Eventually, I’d like it to be a $700-800 course but I won’t have the time to build out a course that feels right for that level in the time I have left. What I do know so far is that whatever I offer it at will be the lowest price it’ll ever be. I want this to be my signature course. Essentially, it’ll replace all of my under-$1K one-on-one work so I can spend more time focusing on the one-on-one clients I do work with.

Final Thoughts for This Week

  1. If you’ve never done an audience survey before, doooo iiiiittt. The replies I got from mine will help me make so many future decisions.
  2. Start your own brand journal and use it to record snippets of conversations, phrases, words, and metaphors that your ideal clients use. You can start to collect these from in-person conversations, surveys, Facebook groups, and wherever else your ideal clients are communicating.

My mastermind group made me aware that my brain organizes projects like these very intuitively and that it might be valuable to let others in on my thought process. So…


What do you think of this radical transparency? You dig it? Let me know in the comments if you find it interesting/valuable!



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  1. Dominic

    Loved reading about all this. 😀 documenting the journey. Hope your baby goes well! Keep it all coming, Kaye. 🙂


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