The Psychology Behind Self Sabotage with Olesya Luraschi

The Psychology Behind Self Sabotage with Olesya Luraschi

In this episode, Olesya Luraschi joins me to discuss the psychology behind self sabotage, and how to improve our mindset through research-based techniques.

We explore why high-performing entrepreneurs often self-sabotage, and learn practical strategies for letting go of over-focusing and handling anticipatory anxiety. We also discuss maintaining motivation, the power of implementation intention, and the transformative impact of personal growth. 

Olesya Luraschi is a Harvard-trained Leadership Coach. She coaches professionals at companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to help them work at peak levels as leaders, by using evidence-backed psychology to improve their mindset, communication, and lives.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:15] Why high-performing people self-sabotage

  • [5:10] How to start letting our over-focusing go

  • [7:05] Tips for handling anticipatory anxiety

  • [12:20] How to loosely let go of imperfection

  • [16:55] How to refocus what our brain looks at as a reward

  • [20:20] Tips for maintaining motivation

  • [22:55] What is ‘implementation intention’

  • [25:55] Powerful transformations that come with this shift

  • [27:35] How to implement what you’ve learned here today

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