How I Built a Psychology-Driven Brand

How I Built a Psychology-Driven Brand

In this episode, I’m sharing part of my story and how I built a psychology-driven brand.

What does it truly take to build a brand that resonates deeply and attracts the right humans? 

How do we create a brand personality that’s a true reflection of who we innately are as business owners?

As you’ll hear in this episode, I have always been drawn and attracted to building businesses, and have been an entrepreneur since my teenage years.

It’s time to stop second guessing, spinning, or feeling like you’re screaming into the void, and to finally build a psychology driven brand that attracts the right humans to your business, to your brand. 

We talk about:

  • [1:50] How I got into online business in 2012

  • [5:45] The challenges of marketing my own personal brand

  • [10:35] My greatest epiphany moment in business

  • [11:55] Learning about brand archetypes and what makes brands memorable

  • [13:25] The Clarity Code Method

  • [18:40] The Collective Unconscious

  • [19:50] My Clarity Code Process 

Resources mentioned in episode:

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