7 Psychological Facts that Influence Your Brand’s Success

Wondering how to influence people to take that next step with you? To click, join, watch, buy…? The key to it all is… Psychology. 

The American Psychology Association (APA) defines psychology as:

“…the study of how the mind works and how it affects behavior.”

Boom. 🤚🏾🎤

That’s it. That sums up the importance of psychology – and its impact on branding (and selling) – in a nutshell.

If you want humans (the right ones!) to be compelled by your calls-to-action –to click, do, read, learn, schedule, sign up, or buy…

You’ve got to get into their heads. 🧠

So, in this week’s 🎥 vlog post, I’m bringing some nerdy psychology goodness to you. I’m outlining the
Psychological Facts of Branding. These are seven human truisms that are *most definitely* influencing whether your brand succeeds.

If you’re selling to humans, you won’t want to miss this one! (If you’re not selling to humans, you can totally just skip and do something else. Sorry to interrupt what you were doing. 😉) 


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Psychological facts in brand strategy



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