Collecting and Protecting Data Online with Lanie Lamarre

Collecting and Protecting Data Online with Lanie Lamarre

How do you create better ways for collecting and protecting user data online?

What steps are you taking as a business owner and brand to ensure the safety of the people you do business with or those that come across your pages?

Joining me for this conversation about data is Lanie Lamarre.

Lanie Lamarre is the host of the OMGrowth podcast where she helps solopreneurs better know and understand their numbers, without having to become an analyst to do it.

We talk about:

  • [4:35] Why we must always start with transparency 

  • [6:40] The consequence of having a Facebook Pixel set up

  • [10:20] Using remarketing tools in a compliant and legal way

  • [13:50] The ecosystem when you’re not using other peoples’ data

  • [21:10] Key metrics to track

  • [23:20] UTM parameters and codes

  • [26:10] Using data and intuitively deciding how to use it in your business

  • [32:05] Fruitful ways to gather zero party data

  • [34:00] Tips for creating better transparency around how peoples’ data is collected and used

  • [42:10] The one idea Lanie would implant into every entrepreneur

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Lanie here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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