You wouldn’t let your babysitter outsource care of your kids, would you? Why would you let your website design and support be outsourced? After all, your business is your baby too, right? Toni believes that web design has to be a partnership of experts. You’re an expert at what you do. And she’s an expert in design. You get the service you deserve from someone who keeps your best interests at heart.

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My “before” was a site that didn’t truly reflect who I was and how I wanted to work. It didn’t appeal to the types of clients I wanted to work with. I focused too much on trying to appeal to the masses and make everyone happy that I was losing myself in the process. Working with Kaye, my new brand and website are focused on expressing who I am and how I work. It truly represents ME. Kaye has helped me to break free of that “corporate” look that was generic. This experience has been freeing because I finally feel like my brand is a true reflection of myself and I don’t feel the need to apologize for it! I’m so happy with the results!

Toni Taylor

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