5 Elements of a Powerful Personal Brand

What does it take to create a truly powerful personal brand? 

The SUPER Sticky kind that positions you to…
✔️  Sell more books, courses, coaching or other offers?
✔️  Or land that dream job?
✔️  Or get on that coveted stage? (Yes! THAT one! 😉
✔️  Or _________ ( <=== add that BIG thing YOU envision for yourself!)

* ALL things, btw, that my clients and students have achieved in their respective brands!

Whatever your goals in life and business, if you want to build a compelling and “in demand” brand, you’ll want to key into this vlog post…

🎥 Your Powerful Personal Brand:
The 5 Crucial Elements You Need – to Make Your Impact!

In it, I’m sharing the five TOTALLY DO-ABLE things that make for the personal brand of your dreams…

Ready? Grab something to take some notes with and press play… 

Pssst… You can pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌

Powerful Personal Brand

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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  1. Raymond Comeau. Be SAFE

    Kaye, I have the ULTIMATE story that I hope to build the BRAND in a most UNIQUE niche. I’m turning in my manuscript this week of a book ALL of us needed over 50 years ago. Written as non-fiction then, reading it today, in comparison would seem like fiction. How I began to write my book , came from not 1 but 2 “callings”. Millions of us attend various forms of religions at some point doubting the existence of God. Yet, there are times in making an important decision, we call upon “HIM’ to help us with a sign of some sort to guide us. Back in 2010, for over 10 days, I ask consistently for “something” to help me. I needed an answer by 5pm on a Friday. At 4:30, while sitting at my desk, I saw ever so briefly “BELIEVE IN ME”. I SAW IT! At least I thought I did?
    I sat/fell back in my chair and began to have yes, no, yes, no, did I , didn’t I. GOOSE BUMPS, CONTINUOUSLY FOR MINUTES! After 7 or 8 minutes, I realized I had seen the words and felt s BLESSED, “HE” had given me so much to me. Me a ‘SINNER”! “HE” didn’t answer me, but that wasn’t the intention of “HIS” visit. This was the first half of my ORIGIN story. Yes, I can shorten it, when needed later. If you would like the 2nd half, please let me know. Kaye, do people want to hear such an origin story. Losing many is worth it to gain the trust of many. Be SAFE and Be BLESSED! Ray


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