Leveraging the Power of Brand Archetypes

Ahhh, the Brand Archetypes… those timeless characters that help us *quickly* form gut-level bonds with our ideal customers – and shortcut the sales cycle.

You may have heard me talk about them a few times? 😉 …There’s the Hero. The Maverick. The Lover. The Sage. The Magician… and seven more… (Twelve in total!)

A deep understanding of *your* archetypes (and, by extension, your brand!) allows you to:

💥 Stand out against the competition with a strong brand identity
💥 Be more YOU, without all the fluff and filler
💥 Make business decisions faster and with more confidence

and, most importantly…

💥 Turn clients into brand fanatics, happy to pay what you deserve! 💰

In this week’s vlog entry,
 I’m giving a shout-out to our good friends, the Archetypes… and talking about their enduring POWER to help us increase our impact and our revenue.

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The Power of Brand Archetypes

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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