Why ‘Play’ is Essential in Business with Alara Sage

Why ‘Play’ is Essential in Business with Alara Sage

In this episode, Alara Sage and I sit down to understand why ‘Play’ is essential in business.

How does play impact our energy, and how does it allow us to tap into our limitless potential?

Developing a relationship with ourselves and discovering who we innately are holds so much power when it comes to creativity, our output, and our brand.

Alara Sage is a Women’s Empowerment and Sensuality Coach who aims to reignite the power of women. She believes that the true nature of a woman is something that society fears and labels as taboo. However, Alara believes that women are powerful and tender, magical and influential. She aims to help women shift from a “performance mindset” to a deep connection with themselves and their desires, so they can reawaken their Sexy AF Self, reclaim their power, and magnetize deep intimate relationships and pleasure.

With over 15 years of experience, Alara coaches provocatively and soulfully, helping ambitious, career-driven professionals who feel unfulfilled and lonely in love, life, and relationships. As an intuitively gifted mentor, teacher, and healer, Alara has walked the walk and understands the journey of reigniting and transforming one’s own life.

We talk about:

  • [3:00] Why is play important?

  • [5:30] What a Chakra is and how it impacts your energy 

  • [7:20] What it looks like to be in a state of power

  • [11:50] Developing a relationship with ourselves to transform our reality

  • [14:00] What a day looks like for an entrepreneur in ‘flow’

  • [16:00] What energy work looks like in practice

  • [17:50] Your toolkit for tuning into your body

  • [22:20] Managing your energetic boundaries as an empath 

  • [28:10] What transformation looks like in real-life 

  • [31:25] Alara’s strategy for learning something new

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