Creating Organic Content to Grow Your Online Business with Kinsey Machos

Creating Organic Content to Grow Your Online Business with Kinsey Machos

How can you create organic content to grow your online business?

We all know we need to show up online as business owners, but what kind of content should we be creating? How do we tap into the hearts of our ideal client and dig deep to uncover what’s truly important to them?

Joining me for this value-packed conversation is Kinsey Machos. Kinsey is a Top Business Consultant in her industry, Host of a Top Rated Podcast, and CEO of a globally-ranked brand. 

When Kinsey walked away from corporate and launched her business, her primary goal was to have more time and freedom to be with her husband and three kids. She quickly came to realize how many women were undervaluing their own wisdom, experiences, and expertise. Her purpose to serve women, and to help them understand their true genius, grew deeper and wider. 

Kinsey continues to disrupt the masculine-heavy approach to marketing and has been able to help thousands of women create impact-driven businesses by reflecting their own authenticity and brilliance online.

We talk about:

  • [6:10] Beginner tips for showing up on social media 

  • [7:30] The type of work Kinsey does with her clients to help them create their coaching business 

  • [9:20] The overarching framework when it comes to creating content

  • [12:10] Top mistakes creators make when it comes to creating social media content 

  • [16:00] Learning about your ideal client on a soul level

  • [20:15] How to get started with meaningful conversations without a big audience or a lot of clients 

  • [31:00] Kinsey’s most transformational book that has changed her life

  • [32:50] A seed of truth every entrepreneur should know

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Kinsey here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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    1. Social Fly

      Thanks for the episode. Getting organic reach for the content is harder than never before


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