Building a Mission-Driven Brand with Michelle Rogers

How can you build a mission-driven brand?

Your brand is an extension of you, your vision, and your values. When you give yourself permission to align these pieces together, you develop a mission-driven brand.

Joining me in this conversation is Michelle Rogers. Michelle is a health consultant, experienced Naturopathic doctor, business guide, and creator of The WELLthy Woman movement. She helps health and wellness practitioners shift into the online space and scale their businesses so they can share their unique magic, improve lives, and affect change in the current healthcare paradigm using an integrated approach of business and clinical strategy. 

Michelle pulls from over 10 years as a naturopathic doctor, her signature functional lab analysis methodology, and her experience as the CEO of a thriving multi-six figure business into her group mentorship programs to guide her clients to better client results and freedom-filled business success.

We talk about:

  • [2:30] The story behind Michelle’s businesses
  • [4:15] How Michelle is driving change through her brand
  • [6:40] Tips to get tap into your magnetism 
  • [8:30] Going against the common ways of building a brand
  • [11:10] Finding the inner conviction to take scary leaps
  • [13:15] The benefits of having a ‘flow’ week
  • [17:30] How to get back into trust if you’ve fallen off
  • [20:30] Creating your big vision

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief:

Connect with Michelle here:

Connect with Kaye here:



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