How to Build a Brand People Will Remember with Stephen Houraghan

How to Build a Brand People Will Remember with Stephen Houraghan

In this episode, Stephen Houraghan joins me to talk about how to build a brand people will remember.

A great brand is so much more than colors, fonts and logos. It’s how it makes people feel, the words they associate with it, and how it changes their lives.

So, how do you create that relationship between your audience and your brand?

Stephen Houraghan is a brand strategist, consultant, the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast.

Stephen has a background in business and finance, providing advice in stock and options trading for retail and institutional investors on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).

After gaining further qualifications in both design and marketing which he combined with his business experience, he created the Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand strategy and creative services for global clients using his proprietary brand-building systems.

Stephen has shared his ideas on branding and marketing for publications such as Hubspot, Marketo, Creative Bloq, Design Taxiand has appeared on industry podcasts such as Just Branding, Brand Design Masters, Logo Geek and Brand Tuned.

Today he shares these proprietary systems, knowledge, and experience in business, branding and marketing to tens of thousands of students and followers through The Brand Master Academy Programs, The Brand Master Podcast, The Academy Youtube channel and the growing Brand Strategy Community.

Stephen has helped tens of thousands of students and followers to transform their businesses and multiply their revenues by leveraging the brand strategy systems, processes, and tools he provides through his teaching and programs.

We talk about:

  • [4:40] The magic that happens when you focus on building your brand

  • [8:00] The lens in which Stephen looks through when it comes to brand building

  • [11:10] The foundation of a brand

  • [16:00] Are brand archetypes useful?

  • [19:50] What entrepreneurs get misconstrued about branding

  • [28:15] ​​Growing and scaling on YouTube

  • [33:10] About the Brand Master Academy

  • [40:00] Stephen’s favorite way to learn

  • [42:20] One piece of knowledge Stephen wants every entrepreneur to know


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