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  • What Are Brand Archetypes + Why They Matter: How To Use Brand Archetypes To Forget The Competition
  • Brand Visibility + Why It Matters: How To Show Up Consistently & Motivate Your Audience To Buy Your Products & Services
  • Scaling Your Brand: Thinking of Your Brand as a System and Setting High Standards
  • Raise Your Prices: How To Build Your Brand for Premium Pricing


  • Strategy Shift: How to Cure Shiny-Marketing-Tactic Syndrome For Good
  • The Clarity Code: The Key To Scaling Your Business
  • How To Engage 100k+ People: Using Quizzes as the Ultimate Lead Magnet


As of early 2024

Email list: 25,000+

YouTube: 18,000+ Subscribers



Brand archetype quiz: taken 250,000+ times


Instagram: 10K+ followers


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Kaye Putnam is a leading psychology-driven brand and marketing strategist with a decade of expertise in helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and businesses craft impactful brands. With a unique approach that combines deep insights into human behavior with strategic marketing, Kaye specializes in positioning, storytelling, and brand differentiation. Her innovative methods and online courses have guided thousands of clients toward dramatic growth—doubling revenues, authoring best-selling books, and securing speaking engagements.

Kaye’s signature brand personality assessment, taken over 250K times, is praised for its effectiveness and adopted by her peers for brand development. This tool has gained recognition, including in university classrooms and professional stages, transforming how brands engage with their audiences.


Location-Independent by Necessity

My husband’s job used to move us every 2-3 years. I grew up in the northland – the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. Since then, we’ve lived in Tennessee, Missouri, Hawai’i, Naples Italy, and now North Carolina.

(Former) Young Entrepreneur

I started my first business at 16. It was a photography studio that grew exponentially the 4 years I owned it. 

Nerd, Geek, Smarty Pants

I designed my first website at 11 years old. I’m still an insatiable researcher and reader. I love sci-fi and movies. Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Vikings, … I love the characters and the stories.

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