Mastering Short-Form Videos: TikTok Techniques with Keenya Kelly

Mastering Short-Form Videos: TikTok Techniques with Keenya Kelly

In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we’re exploring the vertical video revolution with Funnel & Short Video Marketing Strategist, Keenya Kelly. Once a skeptic of platforms like TikTok, Keenya now champions the power of vertical content, having reshaped her entire business model around it. From understanding the often-underestimated potential of vertical videos and TikTok to strategizing for short-form content success, Keenya shares her game-changing insights and tactics. Along the journey, she uncovers essential content creation tools, highlights pitfalls to avoid, and leaves us with golden entrepreneurial wisdom. As Keenya fervently states, “YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO USE VERTICAL VIDEO.” Tune in and discover how to harness this power for your business.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [1:23] The Underestimated Potential of Vertical Videos
  • [2:16] Impactful Outcomes from TikTok
  • [3:50] Addressing TikTok Concerns
  • [4:37] Keys to TikTok Success
  • [6:13] TikTok’s Trending Funnels
  • [9:27] Must-Have Tools for Content Creation
  • [10:10] Essential Content to Produce
  • [11:13] Pitfalls to Avoid & Expert Guidance
  • [14:19] The Advice Keenya Would Give Herself
  • [15:33] Strategizing for Short-Form Content
  • [17:01] Connecting with Keenya
  • [18:38] Researching Content Ideas
  • [19:55] Entrepreneurial Nuggets of Wisdom

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