Mastering Brand Differentiation with Robert Patin

Mastering Brand Differentiation with Robert Patin

Get ready to dive into the world of brand differentiation and unravel the obstacles that stand in the way of making your mark. In this conversation, I join forces with Robert Patin, the mastermind behind Creative Agency Success and a two-time international bestselling author, in an episode that’s all about standing out.

What’s the secret sauce behind brand differentiation? Tune in as Robert defines it and reveals how your personal journey holds the key to uniqueness. Discover why embracing what sets you apart fuels growth and passion in your business.

Drawing on his financial background and more than a decade of engagement with creative agencies, Robert exudes passion for transforming clients’ business aspirations into tangible reality. 

We talk about:

[0:00] Intro

[02:14] Creative Agency Success

[02:35] What is differentiation?

[04:19] Uncovering your unique path to differentiation

[07:25] How discovering differentiation ignites growth and passion

[11:25] Unveiling your unique factor through self-discovery

[13:32] Overcoming roadblocks to integrating your differentiator

[16:24] Testing your differentiator through meaningful conversations

[18:59] Communicating your unique flavor to your target audience

[20:49] How do we know if we’re different enough?

[23:10] Where to find Robert

[24:16] What Robert wants you to know 


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