Master Your Energy When Building a Brand with Monique Lindner

Master Your Energy When Building a Brand with Monique Lindner

In this episode, Monique Lindner joins me to talk about energy, and how to master it when it comes to building a business and a brand.

As you’ll hear in our conversation, Monique discusses the ways in which we can manage our energy, energy types, as well as energy waves and patterns.

Monique Lindner, aka The Time Alchemist, was born in former East Germany with two chronic health challenges, yet she started to work by age 13 besides going to school. This led to her dying of a cardiac arrest by age 19 & being clinically dead for 25 seconds.

Monique is an adventurous spirit on the autism spectrum whose mission it is to dismantle systems that keep holding us back and instead, create structures that bring freedom, that crush glass ceilings, and that empower us to live full force.Monique is the creator of The T.I.M.E. Method® and published her book under the same name in the first lockdown of 2020 – putting her own signature framework to the test.

She’s been featured in several top magazines such as Forbes, spoke at TedX in 2017 and was interviewed on a range of diverse podcasts to share her wisdom and knowledge around Leadership, Living a Life a Day, Time & how we can Slow Down to Speed up.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro

  • [2:35] The life-changing events that brought Monique into this work

  • [15:10] What this experience taught Monique

  • [18:20] Her ‘Live Alive A Day’ Concept

  • [20:45] How do we manage our energy

  • [25:10] Tips for learning how to regenerate and manage your energy

  • [28:15] Chrono-energy types

  • [29:25] Energy waves and patterns

  • [32:00] One key way to take action from today’s episode

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