How to Market Without Social Media with Sonaya Williams

How to Market Without Social Media with Sonaya Williams

In this episode, we’re covering how to market your business without social media. 

Is it possible to grow a successful business without posting online all day? How can you deliver your message to those who need it in a way that doesn’t keep you attached to your phone all day?

Joining me for this conversation is Sonaya Williams.

Sonaya is the founder of The CEO Partner®, a digital agency that focuses on helping our clients create repeatable revenue with turnkey operational support through online products. Their clients are service professionals that are well known experts in their field and are ready to create new revenue online. 

Sonaya started her Operations Agency in 2011 while still working full-time as a Senior Financial Systems Analyst. Since then, she has built a profitable agency and learned a ton of good and bad lessons along the way.  

The CEO Partner solves the problems she knew so many business owners faced. Her message is clear – When we create systems + gather support, we build incredible, successful businesses AND happy Lives – for ourselves and the people we love. Sonaya lives to help CEOs create an operational master plan for themselves and their teams, teaching efficient and effective systems and tools during the process. 

Originally from New Jersey, now living in London, UK where she runs her international business. She is grateful to be living her dream with her husband and young daughters by her side and has ambitious plans for the future.

We talk about:

  • [2:40] How Sonaya got into business

  • [5:15] The most common leaks entrepreneurs have in their businesses 

  • [7:00] The changes that come with running a business internationally

  • [8:30] Popular advice Sonaya has disregarded when it comes to business growth

  • [11:10] Creating and marketing her magazine

  • [15:05] Building a business around referrals 

  • [20:40] What’s most exciting to Sonaya about business right now

  • [23:25] Creating client onboarding kits 

  • [27:50] A life-changing resource Sonaya recommends to listeners

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Sonaya Williams here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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