The Power of Live Events and Making Space to Pause with Mia Alsup

The Power of Live Events and Making Space to Pause with Mia Alsup

Do you create space in your life and business to just pause?

How does intentional time away from your work and dedicated time to come home to yourself impact the way you show up in the world?

Joining me for this conversation is Mia Alsup, the Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Power in Your Pause. Her goal is to provide an experience that allows women to access the Power in Your Pause. 

Mia is a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Tier 1 Certified Baptiste Instructor. During her retreats, she enjoys leading empowering yoga practices, relaxing meditations and life-changing soul-care sessions with personal growth & development exercises.

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her spending time with her family, riding her Peloton, curating playlists, listening to Podcasts, planning her next trip or gathering, being a local tourist, reading, or napping.

We talk about:

  • [3:50] How Mia branded and named her business

  • [5:10] The results that pausing will bring to your life

  • [6:30] What inspired Mia’s retreat business

  • [8:20] What you can expect from Mia’s retreats

  • [14:00] How to map out an impeccable experience 

  • [19:00] Mia’s favorite journaling prompts

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Mia here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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