Leading Change in a Hyper-Connected World with Caleb Gardner

Leading Change in a Hyper-Connected World with Caleb Gardner

Join us in this episode of the Brand Gravity Show as we sit down with Caleb Gardner, a seasoned change leader and innovation strategist who has made an indelible mark across government, politics, and the corporate landscape. Caleb’s career is defined by a relentless commitment to driving positive change.
Formerly the lead digital strategist for OFA, Barack Obama’s political advocacy group, Caleb orchestrated one of the world’s largest digital programs. However, his expertise extends far beyond politics. As the co-founder of 18 Coffees, a strategy consulting firm, he helps mission-driven businesses shape the future.
Caleb is a prolific writer and a sought-after expert for major media outlets. He shares his insights on global stages and at corporate events for renowned brands. In this conversation, we explore his latest book, “No Point B,” and cover topics ranging from innovation strategy to navigating change in a hyper-connected world.

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [01:41] What is an innovation strategist?
  • [02:40] Caleb’s nonlinear path to entrepreneurship
  • [04:31] Impactful results
  • [07:43] Adapting to accelerating change
  • [10:03] Exploring systems theory and cultivating a growth mindset
  • [13:06] Unveiling the 70/20/10 budgeting approach
  • [17:20] Effective internal communication
  • [18:52] Fostering consistency in an organization
  • [21:30] Entrepreneurial insights on addressing controversy and politics
  • [26:04] Living your values
  • [28:00] Aspirations for ‘No Point B’
  • [30:38] Caleb’s application of principles 
  • [33:54] Moving the market
  • [35:26] Where to find Caleb
  • [36:27] Actionable advice for listeners

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