Why is Branding Important? 7 Reasons It Pays To Build Your Brand

Why is building a brand EVEN important? 🧐

(Ever ask yourself that?) Like… How does all that ⚡️⚡️⚡️ energy you channel toward defining *your* brand get YOU closer to your big, audacious goals? (And your smaller ones, too!)

Well, let me ask you to imagine something…

Picture a chain of dominos… Arranged in a swirl. All lined up carefully. On a nice, solid, flat surface…

They are standing at attention, and ready for that one tap that will set off a super-gratifying chain reaction. (If you played dominos as a kid, you KNOW the moment that’s coming is an exciting one! 🤣)

I use this domino metaphor a lot. It’s perfect way to envision the incredible leverage and momentum that a *truth-based brand* makes possible for your business.

So in this week’s vlog post, I’m answering that question above (Why is branding important?)… in seven, unique and equally-important ways! I’m teaching you… 7 Reasons it Pays to Build Your Brand! 

Ready to learn? (And to see the connection to the dominos? 😉) Press play, Genius! 

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Is branding important?

Pin this vlog post to reference later! 📌



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