Crafting Your Irresistible Sales Offer with Christine Blubaugh

Crafting Your Irresistible Sales Offer with Christine Blubaugh

In this episode, Christine Blubaugh teaches entrepreneurs how to craft an irresistible sales offer.

What really goes into creating copy that converts? How do you get to the heart of your ideal listener in a way that is impactful and meaningful?

When done right, creating thoughtful copy for your next launch can bring you results that far surpass your expectations.

Want to become a sought-after expert with a sold-out offer? 

Christine Blubaugh is a conversion copywriter and marketing mentor who helps online entrepreneurs do just that. She’s helped her clients bring in as much as $700K in a single launch, and she’s supported hundreds of business owners to create messaging and strategy to sell out launches and sign more clients.When she’s not crafting high-converting words, Christine is probably on a hike, working on her Spanish, or planning her next adventure.

We talk about:

  • [3:00] Launching without using paid ads

  • [8:20] Key ingredients that make an offer sell

  • [10:45] How to know if you’ve arrived at a compelling ‘promise’ with your offer

  • [14:20] How to perfect your messaging

  • [18:00] How to delineate between your ‘crown jewel’ copy vs. side effects

  • [23:20] Defining your own copywriting processes

  • [29:30] How to write a post that shifts someone’s beliefs

  • [31:35] Christine’s typical launch process

  • [34:45] One thing Christine believes every entrepreneur should know


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