Using Intuition to Scale Your Brand with Elysia Skye

Can you use intuition to scale your brand?

When we tap back into our innate source energy, we can approach our business and life decisions with more clarity, purpose, and intention.

In this episode, Elysia Skye joins me for a conversation surrounding intuition and leveraging it to scale our brands.

Elysia Skye is an intuitive business coach who helps heart-centered coaches and creatives claim limitless success without fearing being judged for having inauthentic strategies by using mindful accountability and intuitive direction. 

She works with individuals and corporate teams using the proven techniques she developed for her online coaching programs, The Brilliance Method and Course Creation Clarity. 

She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her rock star husband and 4 rescues (2 dogs and 2 cats). She loves live music, especially Pearl Jam, and enjoys learning new things every day – especially when it comes to the human mind and heart.

We talk about:

  • [3:45] The process of trusting your intuition 
  • [6:15] The Brilliance Method
  • [16:10] How to cultivate the ability to listen to our intuition
  • [21:25] Tips to get back into self-trust
  • [25:00] Shifting from fear and back into love
  • [31:00] Elysia’s favorite way to learn
  • [34:35] The power in taking our blinders off

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Elysia here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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