Building a Brand and Business as an Introvert with Emma-Louise Parkes

Building a Brand and Business as an Introvert with Emma-Louise Parkes

How do you build a brand and business as an introvert?

It can feel overwhelming to start when marketing tactics and strategies don’t feel aligned.

Joining me for this conversation is Emma-Louise Parkes, an Online Business Coach and Strategist for ambitious introverts, empaths, and HSPs. 

Before entering the online business space, she spent 17 years in one of the world’s most stressful, male-focused, and extroverted fields: air traffic control. Alongside her time behind the radar keeping the busy skies above London safe, she also became an instructor for new recruits – fueling her love of coaching. 

Today, Emma-Louise is an internationally recognised certified online business consultant and NLP master practitioner with accreditations in EFT/TFT. She’s also the host of the award winning podcast, The Ambitious Introvert®. Having built her six-figure brand in under three years without previous business experience, Emma-Louise is proof that when you take aligned action, you can scale your business with ease and speed. 

Emma-Louise’s mission is to help her clients embrace their ambitious introvert nature, stay in their zone of genius, and impact more people with their profitable, sustainable businesses. You can find her at or inside her free Facebook group, The Ambitious Introvert® Network, where she empowers her community of smart, sensitive entrepreneurs.

We talk about:

  • [3:30] The ‘shoulds’ in business and why they didn’t work for Emma-Louise

  • [5:10] How to become visible in a way that feels good

  • [6:40] Cultivating a sense of safety when showing up in business 

  • [8:00] Challenging situations for introverts to be in

  • [9:40] Marketing systems and strategies that tend to fit introverted energy better 

  • [11:20] What is a mindset block vs. what isn’t right for you as a human being

  • [14:55] How to fill your emotional connection as an introvert 

  • [19:15] Her next big project and how she’s customizing it for introverted people

  • [22:10] How structure contributes to feeling regulated

  • [25:55] Daily habits for mental, physical and spiritual success

  • [28:20] Benefits of EFT

Resources mentioned in episode:

Connect with Emma-Louise here:

    Connect with Kaye here:



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