Instagram Lessons for the Maverick Archetype Brand

Big Brand Maverick Archetype Inspiration

The Maverick Archetype brand lives for challenging the status quo, disrupting “normal,” and living the life that most won’t dare to.

Red Bull has had a long standing tradition of absolutely killing it on social media, and their Instagram feed is no exception. They use product placement sparingly and use the real estate of their feed to showcase the lifestyle they are targeting. They want the daredevils (or people who aspire to be a daredevil) to drink their product.

Virgin has always positioned themselves as the “underdog” of the airline industry, which is a perfect position for the Maverick Archetype. In as many places as possible, they try to disrupt the status quo and create an entirely different brand experience for their customers. There’s no white and slate blue here – Virgin chose an anti-establishment color for the industry to feature – purple.

Entrepreneur Maverick Archetypes to Follow

A business buddy in the Being Boss Facebook group turned me to the Dirty Flaws feed. Isn’t it deliciously Maverick? I love their dark and moody approach to fashion and accessories. Remember, your Maverick Archetype brand won’t appeal to everyone (that’s the point!) but the ones who love you will love you.

Andrea from Your Kick Ass Life is a great example of a coach/entrepreneur who is leveraging the Maverick Archetype brand. Anyone who uses a curse word in their brand name has some Maverick in them – it’s meant to repel anyone who is too proper or “safe” to use the word in their business life. She is challenging the business status quo by using language that is usually reserved for casual situations. I’d love to see some more visual consistency in her feed, but her message is absolutely on point. Every one of her quotes encourages people to get their shit together and take back control of their life.

Tips for Showing Your Maverick Brand on Instagram

  • Don’t be afraid to showcase the weird, shocking, or provocative. Say what other people are thinking but won’t.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. It’s been taken over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand.



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  1. Karen Rhodes

    This is really interesting and something I am struggling with right now.
    I guess with some practice I’ll be nailing it, I just need to the right balance of how much of me I put out there!


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