Instagram Lessons for Sage Archetype Brands

Big Brand Sage Archetype Inspiration

Intel is a classic Sage archetype. Check out their hashtag: #EXPERTMODE. It’s a perfect fit for them! They don’t shy away from showing off the high-tech details of their product. I also love that they are showcasing women engaging in high-tech activities.

Foundr Magazine shows off their Sage Archetype by focusing on the message. They keep their color palette clean and minimalistic to put the maximum focus on their words of wisdom.

Entrepreneur Sage Archetypes to Follow

Sage Archetypes are hard to find on Instagram! With their focus on content over aesthetics, Instagram isn’t a natural fit for most Sage Archetype brands.

I like what Michael Hyatt is doing with his brand on Instagram. He’s mixing in lifestyle shots where he is acting like an expert like being videotaped and eating dinner with a group of influencers for example with his words of wisdom. His color scheme isn’t as consistent as the Foundr feed, but it works for this Sage Archetype brand since our focus is supposed to be on the content.

Wit and Delight is a gorgeous lifestyle magazine that dares to cover topics like self-discovery, mental health issues, and wellness. A closer look at the design of the site and her Instagram Feed show me that her brand focus is on the content — typical of a Sage Archetype brand. This is a great (and rare) example that a Sage brand can be beautiful as well.

Tips for Showing Your Sage Brand on Instagram

  • Don’t be afraid of this all-visual platform! It may not feel natural to you, but it can be a great place to establish your expertise and knowledge.
  • Text-heavy graphics can work well for Sage brands. Show off what you know.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. It’s been taken over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand have taken the quiz.



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  1. Kerstin

    I just took the quiz and I am a Sage – it fits since I am an online teacher and expert. The only thing I don’t resonate with is the masculinity and coolness of the visual presentation of this brand. I am all about the warmth and gentle coziness 🙂 But everything else is pretty spot on, thanks for putting so much thought into these archetypes.


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