Big Brand Innocent Archetype Inspiration

Gosh, looking at these two image sets just makes you happy, right?

Many of the food products that adopt an Innocent brand archetype, like Chobani shown here, showcase their natural, organic, and close-to-nature aspects. They are “innocent” in that they don’t tamper with the innate goodness or simple deliciousness of what nature provides us. Even many of the “prepared” foods they feature are staged with fresh fruit or whole ingredients alongside them. Many of the backgrounds are simple like the plain white, granite, and sand. Lastly, their tagline is classic Innocent Archetype, “To love this life and to live it naturally.”

Other innocent brands, like Emi-Jay, Inc., which is a hair accessory and fashion company started by two young entrepreneurs, focuses on play and nostalgia to create their emotional connection. Their images feel young and playful and remind us of simpler times in life. The stack of magazines brings me back to a time when I’d curl up on my bed, soaking in which celebrity was “hot” or “not.” The brand doesn’t take themselves too seriously and their clients are loving every second.

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Entrepreneur Innocent Archetypes to Watch

I’m a huge fan of what both Elizabeth & Kelsey are doing with their Instagram feeds. Interestingly, there is even some color correlation between the two with the bright teal.

On the Iterate Social feed, she’s showing off her “Innocent Archetype” values with her choice of quotes. The images are also bright and whimsical with a very playful and wholesome feeling. And I can’t get over her latest image of the pineapple. So freaking amazing.

Kelsey has some adorable popsicle themes going here (it looks like her cutie just turned one!) but beyond that, she’s promoting course on simplifying the very complex world of accounting. Using the “simple & easy” angle to sell a product is a very strong Innocent Archetype strategy.

Tips for Showing Your Innocent Brand on Instagram

  • Connect your product or service with other objects or situations that elicit the feelings you want your brand to evoke.
    • Organic/natural: fresh ingredients, natural backgrounds (wood, sand), nature scenes, naturally beautiful people, etc.
    • Playful/youthful: stacks of magazines, colorful nail polish, handwritten notes, popsicles, games, confetti, toys, youthful people, etc.
  • Keep the photography as clean and pure as possible with minimal filters
  • Colors should feel bright, engaging, and alive

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. It’s been taken over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand.