Instagram Lessons for Hero Archetype Brands

Big Brand Hero Archetype Inspiration

Ah, Nike. I can’t resist using them as an example whenever I talk about Hero Archetype brands because they do it so darn well. I love the variety of people they show pushing their limits and working on achieving whatever they set their head to accomplishing. The colors here aren’t as important as the action of the subjects in the photographs. It’s hard not to feel inspired and motivated looking at their feed.

Fitbit uses the spirit of the athlete to show off their Hero Archetype brand as well. I like that they show actual people who are out working on their goals using their product. The fonts they use for the typography images is great for a Hero Archetype as well – bold, strong, and uncomplicated.

Entrepreneur Hero Archetypes to Follow

Lewis Howes is killing the Instagram game and shows a classic Hero Archetype brand. The content of his quotes centers around motivation, overcoming challenges, getting stronger, etc. I like that his portraits even show this aspect of his brand. He looks strong, athletic, and dominant. The red shoes are perfect for his brand!

Jacquelyn is a great example of a Hero Archetype brand leading by example. Her feed is full of insane yoga poses that have taken her years to master. Even her username is perfect for the Hero: ACTION Jacquelyn.

Tips for Showing Your Hero Brand on Instagram

  • Motivate others to overcome challenges, take action, and get better. Lead by example when you can.
  • The Hero Brand is often associated with athletics and sports, but it doesn’t have to be. Figure out how you can incorporate the same feeling and spirit into your industry.
  • Use strong, saturated, bold colors.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. It’s been taken over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand.



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