Instagram Lessons for Entertainer Archetype Brands

Big Brand Entertainer Archetype Inspiration

Both of these Instagram feeds shout, “FUN!”

Target’s new tagline is quintessential Entertainer, “Where products come to play.” I love the quirkiness and unexpected that they showcase. Think about the melon fish/shark – they could have easily styled that to be a perfect summer picnic with friends if they were trying to portray a different archetype. Instead, they showcase products in a way that is fun, playful, and surprising.

Taco Bell has been rocking the social media game for the last few years, and especially with their appeal to young people. They show off their Entertainer Archetype by featuring bright & varied neon colors, food in strange compositions (like the middle burrito picture) and a youthful exuberance in all of the photos.

Entrepreneur Entertainer Archetypes to Follow

Allison’s feed is so. much. fun. It feels like her whole life is a party! People who want to enjoy the moment and take life a little less seriously will be drawn to her Entertainer Archetype brand. I dig the bright, varied colors. I also love that she creates sets that feel like a party – with the streamers, balloons, and paper decorations. There isn’t anything boring or cliche gracing her Instagram feed.

The Bannerie lives up their Entertainer Archetype brand with jazz & spirit! I love the playful pink flamingos and cheeky quotes. Again, we see bright and playful colors and a sense of living life like it’s your party. I adore her sense of style.

Tips for Showing Your Entertainer Brand on Instagram

  • Go for the unexpected, surprising, and delightful. Aim to make people smile and laugh.
  • Colors that are vibrant and saturated work best for Entertainer Archetype brands.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. It’s been taken over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand.



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  1. Gilit Cooper

    Just seeing this now! Thank you for including my feed on your blog!


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