Instagram Lessons for Creator Archetype Brands

Big Brand Creator Archetype Inspiration

Mission Bicycle features its product in artistic and creative compositions. What was “just a bicycle” becomes art with the bright colors, detail shots, and unique backgrounds. The color scheme is kept pretty consistent with the cool colors with pops of neon.

Warby Parker takes a “lifestyle” approach to its Creator brand archetype. They intersperse their products into the life of a masculine and artistic guy. I love the way they use images of architecture, drafting, diagrams, and floor plans. Creativity sometimes is associated with feminine energy, but they do an excellent job make it very manly. Also notice their use of color. They keep the colors very bold and bright, and the majority are on the cool side of the color spectrum (blues, greens, grays, white). They also have a great mix of product vs. pure lifestyle images. The images of the violinists, visiting the art gallery, and the pool architecture are without product placement but are undoubtedly appealing to their ideal customers.

Entrepreneur Creator Archetypes to Follow

I love the consistency and unique perspective Maria shows in her Instagram feed of her artwork on the floor (with her feet). The art she features in this selection maintains a very consistent color scheme, which contributes to a ‘magazine like’ editorial feel. Also notice her intro – she applies art & creativity to business. There’s a classic Creator Archetype description for you!

Brit + Co shows a delightful mix of color, creative lifestyle images, and unique layouts to communicate their Creator Archetype brand. The feature some literal creative projects (like the DIY headband and sewing machine) but also extend the creativity to food, reading, hair, and decorating. In their description, they tell us that they help us “live more creatively.”

Tips for Showing Your Creator Brand on Instagram

  • Pick your color scheme and stick to it (at least for a period). Notice Brit + Co’s pink and white, and Warby Parker’s blues. The consistency creates a visually engaging feed.
  • Even if your product isn’t artistic in itself (like painting or design) you can still show off your Creator Archetype. Showcase your product or service in creative ways, like Warby Parker and Mission Bicycle do.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. Over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand have taken the quiz.



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