Instagram Lessons for Explorer Archetype Brands

Big Brand Explorer Inspiration

Right in Timberland’s description, they say, “outfits for the journey, wherever the adventure may be.” That type of sentiment is classic Explorer Archetype. I love how they showcase their products in a multitude of different locations.

National Geographic’s business model perfectly fits the Explorer Archetype – they travel the world to capture photographs and stories. Even though they are an obvious example, I couldn’t help include them because they are doing it so well. For any brands that have photography assets as they do, Instagram is a natural place to showcase them.

Entrepreneur Explorer Archetypes to Follow

I love both Jodi & Melly’s Instagram feeds because they are living their Explorer Archetype by example. The photography for both is stunning. This archetype is all about discovering who you are by embracing change, travel, the unexpected, and life’s amazing journey.

Tips for Showing Your Explorer Brand on Instagram

  • Allow your viewers to live vicariously through your experiences. Be sure to photograph all of the places you go or the new things you try. Reflect on what these experiences teach you.
  • Even if you aren’t travelling the world, you can show your Explorer Archetype by exploring new techniques, ideas, and tools. You can explore how changing your environment (even if it’s close to home) affects your work.
  • Perfect color schemes and consistency are much less important for your archetype – life is about the variety of experiences available to you, so that should reflect in your feed.

Also, if you aren’t sure what your brand’s archetype is, take my brand personality quiz. Over 100,000 times entrepreneurs who are working to understand and define their brand have taken the quiz.



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