You’re in the Phase: Innovate & Scale

Hello, leader. Most of the entrepreneurs I work with that are in your position are experiencing one of two situations:

1 – They are ready for their brand to “grow up” after a few years of piecing together a mix of DIY, creative on various projects, and templates. What they have is clearly working, but it’s a hodgepodge of ideas, styles, and standards. They’re ready for the way that they show up to match the quality of the impact they’re making with their clients & customers.


2- They’re experiencing an identity crisis. Either their successful business is no longer fulfilling for them, or they are simply ready to serve the world in a new and improved way. We grow and change (particularly as entrepreneurs) and that sometimes means that we outgrow what our brand once stood for. 

If you’re in one of those two spaces, I can help.

We’re here to help you reach new heights. To help you make a greater impact.

Your brand is the part of your business that influences everything else.

Kaye Putnam Brand Strategist

The Best Ways in This Phase
to Work With Kaye 

1-on-1 VIP Intensive

Hire Kaye & Co to define your brand standards and strategy to lead your market. In a 1-day intensive, we’ll work together to define your psychology-driven brand using my proprietary Clarity Code framework. 3 weeks after your intensive, we deliver a Brand SourceBook for you and your team to use going forward to be consistent, compelling, and cohesive.

1-on-1 Mentorship Program

Once you have a brand and proven offer, the Amplify Accelerator program multiplies your results. We’ll work together 1-on-1 over 6 months to build your content-to-conversion Brand Gravity system. From funnel to sales pages, we’ll craft the system that will generate predictable and scalable success.

Convert with a Quiz Course

Generate leads and sales by building a high-converting quiz for your brand. In this course, I take you behind-the-scenes and teach you exactly how I’ve built a quiz funnel that has generated 100,00 leads, over $100,000 in revenue in the last 12 months, and notoriety for my brand. Use the code ‘GROWFORWARD’ at checkout to get 15% off if you purchase before 12/18/21.

Brandfluency Archetype Courses

Shortcut your archetype research by investing in your top ‘type courses. My team and I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to curate a library of inspiration for each of the archetypes. Use the code ‘GROWFORWARD’ at checkout to get 15% off if you purchase before 12/18/21.

Branding Words of Wisdom

Are you more of an audio & visual learner? Here are some of my favorite videos with advice that is most relevant to your phase of business. Want to see the latest videos as they are released? Subscribe on Youtube:

34-Video Playlist for Scaling Entrepreneurs

Innovate & Scale Articles

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