How Our Brain Perceives Brands with Tim Ash

How our Brain Perceives Brands with Tim Ash

In this captivating episode of the Brand Gravity Show, Tim Ash unveils the intricate art of decision-making, unraveling the hidden influence of emotions and the choices they drive. Prepare to be enlightened as he shares the secrets of building brand tribes, skillfully navigating polarization, and the timeless origins of storytelling.

With an illustrious track record, Tim has masterminded the creation of an astonishing $1.2 billion in value for industry giants like Google, Expedia, and Nestle. His exceptional expertise has earned him accolades from Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, cementing his status as a distinguished online marketing luminary. Additionally, Tim has authored a series of bestselling books, with his latest gem being “Unleash Your Primal Brain.”

We talk about:

  • [0:00] Intro
  • [2:37] How we make decisions
  • [3:33] Emotional decision making
  • [4:34] Brand tribe & polarization
  • [9:41] Political polarization
  • [12:08] Levels of polarization in your brand
  • [14:50] Attracting the right people
  • [17:08] Importance of sleep
  • [19:29] ‘Logical’side of the brain
  • [21:38] Evolutionary roots of storytelling
  • [24:24] Memory & learning
  • [26:10] Where to find Tim
  • [26:35] Advice for entrepreneurs

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Unleash Your Primal Brain:

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